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Citizen Watches On Sale

citizen watches on sale

    citizen watches
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Vietnamese Detox - Day 2 / January / 2010

Vietnamese Detox - Day 2 / January / 2010

The second day in our new year was beautiful. Woke up at 9 am and found the apartement messy. Well I left it before 10 am to visit a friend nearby and go on sale in our male called Amager Centeret - a place we don't really like that much, but still are kind of attracted to because of the people shopping there. It's a good place for watching your fellow citizens while browsing for music or buying socks or whatever. Well it was there the idea of a Xmas DETOX took form.

We were in the bookstore reading in a cookbook from Le Le nha hang - a hip n' straight vietnamese cuisine in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, and went totally hungry for their freshly made springrolls. Decided to cook dinner and hang out with our families later today.

We went to different shops to buy stuff for our meal and ended up at the local vietnamese grocer. Totally love that place and the service. Cheap prices and delicious vegetables and ingredients, canned or fresh.

We bought bok choy, rice vermicelli, cabbage, sweet basil, mint, coriander, rice paper for the rolls (dip in water until soft, wrap up).

Later we preped the ingredients and talked about how to achive the original Le Le / Vietnamese taste. We wanted to do a noodle salat with beef and chicken as well and did a lot of marinating in teriyaki sauce, lime, sugar, chili, oyster sauce, soy sauce and different weird and fat sauces from asia.

We did the meal in about 1.5hours, while the kids were playing in the living room and the girls were talking. A bit about how slow we were. Well. They were quite satisfied when we put the meal on the table. We did it so everyone could roll up their own wrap.

The kids didn't like anything about it, so we just throw some ryebread and sausage at them. Too bad for them.

This meal was a pleaser and hopefully a reminder to cook more stuff like this. I did quite a lot of cooking in 2009, but would love to utilize a greater range of herbs, as the vietnamese kitchen prescribes. I love the pickled and salty taste of the sauces combined with fish, chicken and herbs.

This day was the first real day of our new lifes in 2010. A lovely evening with great friends and food. A great beginning for a new year in which I have great expectations and hope for.

For Sale (Main Picture)

For Sale (Main Picture)

So I will be in Harrison Springs this weekend (Please don't let them stalk me, in Jesus name I pray, Amen)

And I won't be active on flickr since presentation and school (What a crappy excuse).

But anyway I'll note the prices

4.00 for Canada
5.00 for International (That includes you us citizens !)

Paypal Only No Trades!

citizen watches on sale

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